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Eigen  3.3.9
Eigen::MappedSparseMatrix< _Scalar, _Flags, _StorageIndex > Class Template Reference

Detailed Description

template<typename _Scalar, int _Flags, typename _StorageIndex>
class Eigen::MappedSparseMatrix< _Scalar, _Flags, _StorageIndex >

Sparse matrix.

Use Map<SparseMatrix<> >
_Scalarthe scalar type, i.e. the type of the coefficients

See for details on the storage scheme.

+ Inheritance diagram for Eigen::MappedSparseMatrix< _Scalar, _Flags, _StorageIndex >:

Public Member Functions

 ~MappedSparseMatrix ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from Eigen::Map< SparseMatrix< _Scalar, _Flags, _StorageIndex > >
 Map (PointerArgType dataPtr, const StrideType &stride=StrideType())
 Map (PointerArgType dataPtr, Index rows, Index cols, const StrideType &stride=StrideType())
 Map (PointerArgType dataPtr, Index size, const StrideType &stride=StrideType())

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ~MappedSparseMatrix()

template<typename _Scalar , int _Flags, typename _StorageIndex >
Eigen::MappedSparseMatrix< _Scalar, _Flags, _StorageIndex >::~MappedSparseMatrix ( )

Empty destructor

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