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Eigen  3.3.9
Eigen::SuperLU< _MatrixType > Class Template Reference

Detailed Description

template<typename _MatrixType>
class Eigen::SuperLU< _MatrixType >

A sparse direct LU factorization and solver based on the SuperLU library.

This class allows to solve for A.X = B sparse linear problems via a direct LU factorization using the SuperLU library. The sparse matrix A must be squared and invertible. The vectors or matrices X and B can be either dense or sparse.

Template Parameters
_MatrixTypethe type of the sparse matrix A, it must be a SparseMatrix<>
This class is only for the 4.x versions of SuperLU. The 3.x and 5.x versions are not supported.

This class follows the sparse solver concept .

See also
Sparse solver concept, class SparseLU
+ Inheritance diagram for Eigen::SuperLU< _MatrixType >:

Public Member Functions

void analyzePattern (const MatrixType &matrix)
void factorize (const MatrixType &matrix)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Eigen::SuperLUBase< _MatrixType, SuperLU< _MatrixType > >
void analyzePattern (const MatrixType &)
void compute (const MatrixType &matrix)
ComputationInfo info () const
 Reports whether previous computation was successful. More...
superlu_options_t & options ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from Eigen::SparseSolverBase< SuperLU< _MatrixType > >
const Solve< SuperLU< _MatrixType >, Rhs > solve (const MatrixBase< Rhs > &b) const
const Solve< SuperLU< _MatrixType >, Rhs > solve (const SparseMatrixBase< Rhs > &b) const
 SparseSolverBase ()

Member Function Documentation

◆ analyzePattern()

template<typename _MatrixType >
void Eigen::SuperLU< _MatrixType >::analyzePattern ( const MatrixType &  matrix)

Performs a symbolic decomposition on the sparcity of matrix.

This function is particularly useful when solving for several problems having the same structure.

See also

◆ factorize()

template<typename MatrixType >
void Eigen::SuperLU< MatrixType >::factorize ( const MatrixType &  matrix)

Performs a numeric decomposition of matrix

The given matrix must has the same sparcity than the matrix on which the symbolic decomposition has been performed.

See also

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