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Eigen  3.3.9
Eigen::Translation< _Scalar, _Dim > Class Template Reference

Detailed Description

template<typename _Scalar, int _Dim>
class Eigen::Translation< _Scalar, _Dim >

Represents a translation transformation.

This is defined in the Geometry module.

#include <Eigen/Geometry>
Template Parameters
_Scalarthe scalar type, i.e., the type of the coefficients.
_Dimthe dimension of the space, can be a compile time value or Dynamic
This class is not aimed to be used to store a translation transformation, but rather to make easier the constructions and updates of Transform objects.
See also
class Scaling, class Transform

Public Types

typedef Transform< Scalar, Dim, AffineAffineTransformType
typedef Transform< Scalar, Dim, IsometryIsometryTransformType
typedef Matrix< Scalar, Dim, Dim > LinearMatrixType
typedef _Scalar Scalar
typedef Matrix< Scalar, Dim, 1 > VectorType

Public Member Functions

template<typename NewScalarType >
internal::cast_return_type< Translation, Translation< NewScalarType, Dim > >::type cast () const
Translation inverse () const
bool isApprox (const Translation &other, const typename NumTraits< Scalar >::Real &prec=NumTraits< Scalar >::dummy_precision()) const
template<typename OtherDerived >
AffineTransformType operator* (const EigenBase< OtherDerived > &linear) const
template<typename Derived >
internal::enable_if< Derived::IsVectorAtCompileTime, VectorType >::type operator* (const MatrixBase< Derived > &vec) const
template<typename Derived >
IsometryTransformType operator* (const RotationBase< Derived, Dim > &r) const
template<int Mode, int Options>
Transform< Scalar, Dim, Mode > operator* (const Transform< Scalar, Dim, Mode, Options > &t) const
Translation operator* (const Translation &other) const
AffineTransformType operator* (const UniformScaling< Scalar > &other) const
 Translation ()
template<typename OtherScalarType >
 Translation (const Translation< OtherScalarType, Dim > &other)
 Translation (const VectorType &vector)
Scalarx ()
 Retruns the x-translation as a reference.
Scalar x () const
 Retruns the x-translation by value.
Scalary ()
 Retruns the y-translation as a reference.
Scalar y () const
 Retruns the y-translation by value.
Scalarz ()
 Retruns the z-translation as a reference.
Scalar z () const
 Retruns the z-translation by value.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ AffineTransformType

template<typename _Scalar , int _Dim>
typedef Transform<Scalar,Dim,Affine> Eigen::Translation< _Scalar, _Dim >::AffineTransformType

corresponding affine transformation type

◆ IsometryTransformType

template<typename _Scalar , int _Dim>
typedef Transform<Scalar,Dim,Isometry> Eigen::Translation< _Scalar, _Dim >::IsometryTransformType

corresponding isometric transformation type

◆ LinearMatrixType

template<typename _Scalar , int _Dim>
typedef Matrix<Scalar,Dim,Dim> Eigen::Translation< _Scalar, _Dim >::LinearMatrixType

corresponding linear transformation matrix type

◆ Scalar

template<typename _Scalar , int _Dim>
typedef _Scalar Eigen::Translation< _Scalar, _Dim >::Scalar

the scalar type of the coefficients

◆ VectorType

template<typename _Scalar , int _Dim>
typedef Matrix<Scalar,Dim,1> Eigen::Translation< _Scalar, _Dim >::VectorType

corresponding vector type

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ anonymous enum

template<typename _Scalar , int _Dim>
anonymous enum

dimension of the space

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Translation() [1/3]

template<typename _Scalar , int _Dim>
Eigen::Translation< _Scalar, _Dim >::Translation ( )

Default constructor without initialization.

◆ Translation() [2/3]

template<typename _Scalar , int _Dim>
Eigen::Translation< _Scalar, _Dim >::Translation ( const VectorType vector)

Constructs and initialize the translation transformation from a vector of translation coefficients

◆ Translation() [3/3]

template<typename _Scalar , int _Dim>
template<typename OtherScalarType >
Eigen::Translation< _Scalar, _Dim >::Translation ( const Translation< OtherScalarType, Dim > &  other)

Copy constructor with scalar type conversion

Member Function Documentation

◆ cast()

template<typename _Scalar , int _Dim>
template<typename NewScalarType >
internal::cast_return_type<Translation,Translation<NewScalarType,Dim> >::type Eigen::Translation< _Scalar, _Dim >::cast ( ) const
*this with scalar type casted to NewScalarType

Note that if NewScalarType is equal to the current scalar type of *this then this function smartly returns a const reference to *this.

◆ inverse()

template<typename _Scalar , int _Dim>
Translation Eigen::Translation< _Scalar, _Dim >::inverse ( ) const
the inverse translation (opposite)

◆ isApprox()

template<typename _Scalar , int _Dim>
bool Eigen::Translation< _Scalar, _Dim >::isApprox ( const Translation< _Scalar, _Dim > &  other,
const typename NumTraits< Scalar >::Real &  prec = NumTraits<Scalar>::dummy_precision() 
) const
true if *this is approximately equal to other, within the precision determined by prec.
See also

◆ operator*() [1/6]

template<typename Scalar , int Dim>
template<typename OtherDerived >
Translation< Scalar, Dim >::AffineTransformType Eigen::Translation< Scalar, Dim >::operator* ( const EigenBase< OtherDerived > &  linear) const

Concatenates a translation and a linear transformation

◆ operator*() [2/6]

template<typename _Scalar , int _Dim>
template<typename Derived >
internal::enable_if<Derived::IsVectorAtCompileTime,VectorType>::type Eigen::Translation< _Scalar, _Dim >::operator* ( const MatrixBase< Derived > &  vec) const

Applies translation to vector

◆ operator*() [3/6]

template<typename _Scalar , int _Dim>
template<typename Derived >
IsometryTransformType Eigen::Translation< _Scalar, _Dim >::operator* ( const RotationBase< Derived, Dim > &  r) const

Concatenates a translation and a rotation

◆ operator*() [4/6]

template<typename _Scalar , int _Dim>
template<int Mode, int Options>
Transform<Scalar,Dim,Mode> Eigen::Translation< _Scalar, _Dim >::operator* ( const Transform< Scalar, Dim, Mode, Options > &  t) const

Concatenates a translation and a transformation

◆ operator*() [5/6]

template<typename _Scalar , int _Dim>
Translation Eigen::Translation< _Scalar, _Dim >::operator* ( const Translation< _Scalar, _Dim > &  other) const

Concatenates two translation

◆ operator*() [6/6]

template<typename Scalar , int Dim>
Translation< Scalar, Dim >::AffineTransformType Eigen::Translation< Scalar, Dim >::operator* ( const UniformScaling< Scalar > &  other) const

Concatenates a translation and a uniform scaling

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